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MRC - The Fly Rod Case - Hand Crafted Custom Rod Cases
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Hand-Crafted Custom Made Rod Cases

100% Select & Figured Solid Hardwoods

No Veneers !


At last a rod case that looks as good as your

Split Bamboo or Custom Graphite Fly Rod.

Now you don't have to settle for an off the

shelf rod case that has no "Eye Appeal".

Your fine Fly Rod deserves this rod case!


I make fine hand-crafted wooden Fly Rod Cases from Select & Figured Hardwoods, no veneers.

Like a fine Split Bamboo Fly Rod, each rod case is hand-crafted one at a time, custom made for your fly rod.

The rod cases are made from 100% solid hardwoods. Due to its design the rod case is extremely strong and very light in weight.

The rod case shown here is made from Tiger Maple with contrasting end caps and feathers of Walnut. The feathers are functional as well as decorative. They add strength to the joints at the open ends of the case and the cap.

After the rod case is assembled it is sanded in the normal progression to 220 grit. It is then fully immersed in a stabilizer that completely saturates the wood. It then has to dry and cure for up to one week.

Next it is buffed and polished, then it is waxed with a high quality paste wax. The Tiger Maple and Walnut take on a real high gloss. The Rod Case really shines.

There is no "finish" that sits on top of the wood. The result is a Rod Case that is very easily maintained. Any scratches can be rubbed out with steel wool, buffed and re-waxed. There is no need to strip and refinish the whole Rod Case, like you would have to do with other finishes that sit on top of the wood.

The Rod Cases have foam inside the top of the cap and the bottom of the case to provide ample cushioning for your Fly Rod.

Let me mention again all of the MRC Rod Cases are made of 100% solid hardwoods no veneers.

Your Split Bamboo Fly Rod is hand-crafted and custom made. Now your Fly Rod Case can also be hand-crafted and custom made.

The QUALITY and BEAUTY of an 

MRC Rod Case really stands out!

Musconetcong River Creations
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