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Musconetcong River Creations

At last a rod case that looks as good as your rod

The people who are investing in Split Bamboo Fly Rods are doing so because they appreciate the QUALITY and BEAUTY of a fine hand-crafted item. They also take pride in ownership of their fine hand-crafted items. That is why people want MRC Custom Made Rod Cases.

MRC is a one man company.

I am not a manufacturer I consider myself to be an artisan.

I have been a woodworker for almost 36 years. I have been a fisherman for more than 50 years.

When I start to work on a rod case, I think about the end results.....the beauty of the finished Rod Case. Not the many hours it takes to create it.

My goal is to have you love my rod case creations as much as I do.

The QUALITY and BEAUTY of a MRC Rod Case really stands out!

Musconetcong River Creations
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